PR611A/ PR613A Multifunctional Dry Block Calibrator

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Keywords: Intelligent dual-zone temperature controlEditable task modeRapid heating and coolingElectrical measurementHART function1. Overview PR611A/PR613A dry block calibrator is a new…

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PR611A/PR613A dry block calibrator is a new generation of portable temperature calibration equipment that integrates advanced technologies such as intelligent dual-zone temperature control, automatic temperature calibration, and precision measurement. It has excellent static and dynamic temperature control characteristics, built-in independent full-function temperature measurement channel and standard measurement channel, and can edit complex calibration tasks. The automatic calibration of thermocouples, thermal resistances, temperature switches, and electrical signal output temperature transmitters can be realized without other peripherals, It’s very suitable for industrial field and laboratory use.


Intelligent dual-zone temperature control

Editable task mode

Rapid heating and cooling

Electrical measurement

HART function



NO. Name NO. Name
1 Working cavity 6 Power switch
2 Test terminal area 7 USB port
3 External reference 8 Communication port
4 Mini thermocouple socket 9 Display screen
5 External power interface

I Features

Dual-zone temperature control

The bottom and top of the dry block calibrator heating cavity have two independent temperature control, Combined with temperature coupling control algorithm to ensure the uniformity of temperature field of dry block calibrator in a complex and changing environment.

Rapid heating and cooling

The heat and cooling capacity of the current working condition are adjusted in real time by intelligent control algorithm,while optimizing the control characteristics, the heating and cooling speed can be greatly increased.

Full-featured electrical measurement channel

The full-featured electrical measurement channel is used to measure various types of thermal resistance, thermocouple, temperature transmitter and temperature switch, with a measurement accuracy better than 0.02%.

Reference measurement channel

The standard wire-wound platinum resistance is used as the reference sensor, and it supports multi-point interpolation correction algorithm to obtain better temperature traceability accuracy.

Editable task mode

Can edit and design complex task functions including temperature calibration points, stability criterion, sampling method, delay time and other multiple calibration parameters, so as to realize the automatic calibration process of multiple temperature calibration points.

Fully automatic temperature switch calibration

With a settable slope temperature rise and fall and switch value measurement functions, can perform fully automatic temperature switch calibration tasks through simple parameter settings.

Support HART transmitter calibration

With built-in 250Ω resistance and 24V loop power supply, the HART temperature transmitter can be independently calibrated without other peripherals.

Supports USB storage devices

The calibration data generated after the calibration task is executed will be saved in the internal memory in the format of a CSV file. The data can be viewed on the dry block calibrator or exported to a USB storage device through the USB interface.


II  List of main functions


III Technical Parameters

General parameters


Temperature field parameters


Electrical measurement parameters


Thermocouple temperature measurement parameters


Thermal resistance temperature measurement parameters



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