PR500 series Liquid Thermostatic Bath

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The PR500 series liquid constant temperature tank uses liquid as the working medium. Through the heating or cooling of the medium, supplemented by mechanical forced stirring, and the intelligent PID regulating instrument to precisely control the temperature, a uniform and stable temperature environment is formed in the working area.

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PR532-N series

For ultracold temperatures, the PR532-N series reaches –80 °C quickly and maintains a two-sigma stability of ±0.01 °C when it gets there. The PR532-N80 is a true metrology bath, not a chiller or circulator. With uniformity to ±0.01 °C, comparison calibration of temperature devices can be performed with high precision. automated calibrations can run unattended.


1. Resolution 0.001 ° C, accuracy of 0.01.

With the PR2601 precision temperature control module independently developed by PANRAN, it can achieve 0.01 level measurement accuracy with a resolution of 0.001 °C.

2. Highly intelligent and easy to operate

The traditional refrigeration thermostat needs to manually judge when to switch the compressor or therefrigeration cycle valve, and the operation process is complicated. The PR530 series refrigeration thermostat can automatically control the heating, compressor and cooling channels by manually setting the temperature value, which greatly reduces the complexity of the operation.

3.AC power abrupt change feedback

It can track the fluctuation of grid voltage in real time and optimize the output regulation to avoid the adverse effects of grid voltage abrupt change on volatility.

Technical parameters

Product name Model Medium Temp range(℃) Temperature field Uniformity(℃) Stability(℃/10min) Access Opening (mm) Volume (L) Weight(kg)
Level Vertical
Thermostatic oil bath PR512-300 Silicone oil 90~300 0.01 0.01 0.07 150*480 23 130
Thermostatic water bath PR522-095 Soft water 10~95 0.005 130*480 150
Refrigeration thermostatic bath PR532-N00 Antifreeze 0~95 0.01 0.01 130*480 18 122
PR532-N10 -10~95
PR532-N20 -20~95 139
PR532-N30 -30~95
PR532-N40 Anhydrous alcohol/soft water -40~95
PR532-N60 -60~95 188
PR532-N80 -80~95
Portable oil bath PR551-300 Silicone oil 90~300 0.02 80*2805 7 15
Portable water bath PR551-95 Soft water 10~95 80*280 5 18


Calibrate/calibrate various temperature instruments (eg, thermal resistance, glass liquid thermometers, pressure thermometers, bimetal thermometers, low temperature thermocouples, etc.

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